The message…

I’m going to make this as loud and clear as possible. I am here to help you. This is a fashion blog that tries to help people find themselves. You see, I was that shy girl and for her to be the center of attention was the scariest nightmare. And even more in my hometown where people are trying to present themselves as modern but deep down there are as conservative as their ancestors were hundreds of years ago.  “But you are also part of that culture!”, you’ll say. Yes and I’m not saying that all of us are conservative, obviously. And it is even harder for people like me that have a different… let’s just say “point of view” to express themselves freely.

You like colors, you want to be bold – maybe combine colors that are not supposed to be combined but you like it! Or that perfect dark shade of purple lipstick is your signature look and you’d like to wear that on a sunny walk in the park for example. Yeah well, you won’t get judged directly because we’re modern now, right? But you’ll get the silent judgement. And don’t let me start on the perception of obesity. For a girl to be found normal she should be more than skinny, I’m talking less than 50 kilos at least.

So, I wasn’t okay with that. I just don’t like black on me that much. And I’m going to make my life’s purpose to try and help people to express themselves better. Never listen to what others say about you, only to yourself! Be stylish without spending your entire college fee on clothes. It’s not that hard, actually!

I’m waiting for your comments and questions. Help me help you!