Fashion Coaching Package

fashion coaching

Hourly rate: $50

My top service: Fashion coach and wardrobe stylist. I work with clients online and on location in order to renew/create the perfect wardrobe considering all parts of their life (professional and personal). Every coaching starts with a 1-to-1 session to talk about the client’s needs and struggles regarding their style. In this session we will create the schedule for the coaching program (6 sessions for two hours), depending on the client’s desires. It can be divided in 6 weeks (1 session weekly) or a more intensive 3 weeks program.

1 session: Introductory and scheduling. Styling basics

  • body shape/color;
  • hair style
  • type of clothing (elegant, casual, etc.)

2 session: Casual outfits

3 session: Working hours outfits

4 session: Special events outfits

5 session: Accessories and combinations

6 session: Final touches and future planning

*This applies to both online and local coaching. If the client desires, in the local coaching she can add other services as: on-site wardrobe revision and fittings (fees may apply)


Long-term commitment:

If the client wants, she can commit to the long-term coaching service – one year (4 seasons) fashion transformation. This way she receives a discount.*


Base of package: 6 sessions x 2 hours = 12 one-hour sessions = $600

Extra values, freebies, workshops, trainings, materials = 8 hours =$400

Personalized researches and designs = 4 hours = $200


Total package price: $1200


*With long-term commitment the clients get a discount: this program should be repeated for the four seasons, which means a total of 48 sessions ($4 800) + follow up and special events outfit creation (normally would cost $600 per season = $2600) = $7400. With the yearly commitment the clients gets everything for:

  • get free the follow up and special events outfit creation = $4800. This service means that the client receives periodically (once a week or as specified with client) updates on fashion trends and special offers personalized for her profile type and if a big event comes up (that wasn’t in the sessions’ program) she gets a free session to prepare an outfit.


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