“Vibrant, Colourful & Creative – This is Brighton!”

Yes, I know it’s not winter – it can’t get sunnier than that BUT I am using this moment when I am introducing my Ebook (that you can download here by the way) to finally publish my travel-fashion posts.

So, here we are. Brighton.

I chose especially this heading for the post because it is the “official” way that they introduce Brighton and as it was  also the topic of my project on the discourse of tourism… well, it stuck. Vibrant, Colourful and Creative. It sure has its own vibes and there is a lot of creativity wandering the streets. And about the colourfulness, how about that:

credit: pinterest


But first things first. We had the luck to find a really good hotel just in the perfect spot – in front of Brighton Pier and a two-minutes walk from Brighton Royal Pavilion. You know how things go with hotels in the UK… expensive and always have a surprise for you. Most of the time it is that the bathroom is shared for the floor even though it said in the description of the room that it has one included. Well, we had from those types of luck that come once in a UK-traveling lifetime – we had our own bathroom and the price was 50% off last-minute offer. Of course, the definition of a 4* hotel is quite different in England from where I am from (Bulgaria for those of you who don’t know) but it doesn’t matter. It was a win.

Quick shower and change of clothes and here we are – Brighton Pier


I know, it looks quite morbid, as does my face, but it’s because of the weather. Inside, actually you can have a lot of fun! Brighton Pier is like a mini theme park with rollercoasters, a house of fear and lots and lots of these machines that trick you that you can actually catch a prize and it won’t fall before it reaches the intended goal. Another interesting game (and quite popular in there for that matter) consisted in putting coins without catching a breath until all the coins push down the prize. Well, with my luck, I would run out of coins long before something moves…

This trip was actually made with a very specific purpose – I was going to visit my sister. So we headed quickly to her home.


Brighton College or as I prefer to call it – The Little Hogwarts



I am still waiting for my letter by the way… At least my sister came to experience something similar. And I am not kidding – look at the dining room and the library:



I can almost see the enchanted ceiling! Brighton College is impressive not only on the outside but on the inside as well. It is one of the best schools in the UK with a lot of students every year going to the best universities in the world. But let’s not get off the topic. This is my outfit for the first day:




Shoes – for this day I chose my fav Converse Rubber Chuck Taylor Yellow Low (what a name, huh?). I am the biggest fan of Converse, if you haven’t noticed it already, but in this case I love the color. Mustard yellow is quite a trend nowadays and it makes a good accent – see how different the photo looks? More colorful, trendy and special.

Bag – To combine it with the coat this winter I decided to buy ZARA’s Navy blue Messanger City bag. I love how it can be a shoulder bag and a backpack. Whatever suits your needs!

Coat – This year it was really difficult to find exactly what I wanted and in a reasonable price… What I opted for at the end is ZARA Navy Embroidered Military Wool Duffle Coat – perfect combination with the bag and the scarf (going up next) and it’s aways better than black because it brings more color to the gray winter.

Scarf – it is the most important item for this season and thank God – really trendy! Colorful, cozy, soft…I think I killed it with my choice for this trip: navy blue, white, pink and yellow – exactly the colors I am obsessed with this winter. The thing about the scarf is that if you choose it wisely, you can combine it with everything and always have a little color on you.

Jeans – there’s no science into it, just pick up your fav pair of jeans because you need to be comfortable after all. My choice was ZARA Slouchy Jeans – mid rise, ripped and cropped.

Clothes – sweater, shirt, t-shirt and jersey… It depends on the temperature mostly and your preferences. Good thing is you can change them and combine them as you like but the main outfit remains because of the coat.


Combining cultures – London’s China Town



For the second day, of course, we decided to go to London – all planned, scheduled and executed by my sister. So, that is why we ended up not in another place but exactly in China Town, an astonishing culture highly admired by her.



It is amazing how just around the corner you can find a whole new world… and then you walk until the end of the street and there you go again – back to normal and grey London! This little corner is full of authentic shops and restaurants and you really feel like you’ve been transported to the other part of the world.

After this little space-traveling we went in search for the famous Covent Garden Market where it started raining (of course). But this wasn’t going to stop me for the quick photo shoot:




Shoes – Today I choose ZARA Combined Sneakers in black. Really comfortable, well, not for a jogging but for a walk in London work perfectly. And they are sporty and casual, but they also have their elegant touch, don;t you think?

Jeans – You can use the same one as the first day but as they were cropped, I decided to take another pair with me just in case. So, today I have with me the typical high waist slim fit jeans. They are basic and you know I don’t normally settle down for basic but I am a fan of high waist and the sweater is pretty exceptional! Check it out on the next page!

Sweater – I love it! Normally I don’t like how they look on me, it’s really difficult to find one that doesn’t make you look like a bear, ins’t it? But this one I love! It has the perfect curls, so trendy this season and the fabric is perfect even for the coldest of days. My choice is ZARA’s white curly sweater, but as my outfit allows it, it can be exchanged with almost every type and color.

Coat and Bag – the same as Day one (ZARA)

Remember all the funny houses I showed you at the beginning?


Well they are everywhere! Sometimes it’s not that obvious but if you stop for a second and look at the landscape you will notice how all houses look the same but each one is different at the same time. Brighton really has its charm. We were wandering through the streets, searching for a good place to take photos when we found that particular street full of colours. Looking at all of them it was really hard to decide, so I just went with my guts and I think I chose wisely:


I really like this combination of colours and it suited perfectly my outfit and the rainy day. With just a pinch of “magent-ish” – the same as my lipstick by the way and it wasn’t on purpose. There is always a need of something different and special with the grey background not only in a photo but in our lives in general!


 i360 British Airways Tower



This is one of the newest attractions on sight but surely profitable and interesting. It is a UFO-looking tower that goes into the sky and gives you a 360º view of Brighton & Hove. Thanks to my sister’s school, we already had tickets and a reserved hour so we could enjoy our trip into the sky. Unfortunately, because the tower is covered in glass (logically) the photos are not so good but I can assure you that you really see everything from up there and even more!



This tower is supposed to take the place of the old and famous Brighton Wheel that was stripped away around a year ago from the city and its tourists. It seems that it was a transportable installation that was just moved to another place and I’d really like to think that this is the same wheel that we currently have here in Malaga (dates match by the way). If it is, please, don’t take it away! Wheel, no wheel – the British Airways’ Tower is different and worths the visit if you are the typical tourism that wants to see it all.


Afternoon in the Brighton Pier and a quick shot of Royal Pavilion



These are the photos we took inside the pier as we found time to go in there at the last moment. Always leaving the fun for the end! And below you can see the infamous Royal Pavilion – the summer residence of England’s royalties that is now property of the city. You know that Queen Victoria sold it for only £50? I wish I was there when she was selling it…





Blouse – wonderful item I found in Stradivarius, holy SALES! Although, I had a problem choosing between gold, silver, bronze and pink gold… First world problems, I know. You can see what I chose. This winter I’m going for silver.This blouse is a good choice because it can be combined with basically anything to achieve the wanted style.

Coat and bag – I know it hurts to be with the same accessories three days but this is the price you have to pay when you go on a weekend trip in winter, at least being winter it’s OK to wear the same coat and the bag just goes perfectly!

Skirt – This one was a surprise for me, it was a gift I received in Brighton, thus, the lack of perfectly matching shoes. But my name wouldn’t be Dessy if I didn’t find a way to combine it! It is a black midi skirt from a boutique in Bulgaria. A little bit too formal for my taste but I accept the challenge! I like the elegant tulle and the pleats – so vintage!

Shoes – I know it is a little strange combination even for me to wear this skirt with the sneakers but If somebody can pull it off, it’s me!

Accessories – the tights are from Primark,  speacial edition , I have them in silver and gold. Perfect for a disco night or if you’re extravagant – weekend walk! The choker is   and is my preference – goes with everything and every style!


So this is Brighton – vibrant, colourful and creative!

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  1. All this time I couldn’t help but think how similar you and Brighton are: Vibrant, Colourful and Creative! And maybe Hogwarts forgot to send you the letter but you’ve sure found a way of becoming your own one of a kind fashion wizard!

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