Up to 70% ?? SALES

The news of the month – SALES

Here comes our favourite fashion month of the year. Fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan… and SALES, SALES, SALES! After the long wanted holidays and with the New Year comes time for new things… everybody needs a change from time to time and a lot of people choose this month to make it. New Year´s resolutions! I especially needed one in my closet, but not because I didn´t like my clothes anymore, because my full packed suitcase never arrived with me… I know, chicas, that´s our worst nightmare, but what can we really do? Well, take advantage of the fashion month, of course!

I prepared you a presentation of all my new acquisitions from this winter´s sales:


  • Black & White all the way exclusively from ZARA



  • And some colours still by ZARA



  • Denim time – Jeans and dark denim shirt by ZARA, other denim shirt by Stradivarius



  • Lingerie Uhh! exclusively by H&M



  • Some accessories – Black necklace and earings by H&M, the rest from Stradivarius



  • Last but not least Shoes by ZARA



This is all from me, folks! You can read about my forever lost legacy in the form of my luggage HERE!


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