Stop the hibernation and start having fun with some friends!

hibernation time is over

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Hibernation time is over!

Hello, everyone! A lot of places are still covered with snow but Malaga shines bright every day. It is never too early to start thinking about the bikini season so pack your bag, put some glasses on and make the most of your day!

Here I will show you my choice for a sunny walk with friends – perfect combination for the weekend. It combines casual and comfortable look with the typical jeans and a basic T-shirt but with a pinch of extraordinary cheerfulness and grace.



T-shirt – Primark

Jeans – Zara (Slouchy style)

Dress – Zara

Hat – Primark

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Zara

Jacket – Zara TRF

Choker – Primark



P.S. Never forget to have a good time! Leave everything aside an just have fun with your friends!


Serious background in language studies, translator and professor. Also a designer and stylist by heart! Trying to help people express themselves better and not caring what others might think. Personal coach that will help you find your style and be your own star!

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