Snake nails, lace, cool patterns… everything in a sec!

Different patterns for every week

Hi, everyone! In this post I will show you how easy it is to have the perfect nails for an important event, a vacation or just because you like it.

First, you choose the style you like best. Personally, I´ve tried Kiko Milano´s “Special 3-in-1 nail polish strips” with snake, lace and baroque cover.

different patterns


Second, you prepare everything you need: your pattern, top coat, file, manicure kit.


different patterns

With this kind of nail art you have to choose well the nail strip with best suited size. To optimize the times I can use these strips, because in the pack come 16 pieces, I cut every piece in half and this way I have 32 pieces! So, If you don’t have enormously large nails, make use of it!

Before you cut the chosen piece in half, remove the top clear plastic film, because -believe me – it will be really hard afterwards. Then, you take off the white support and you put the nail polish on your nail, pressuring with your finger from the base to the tip, in order to shape it to your form.


different patterns

Take off everything excessive using a cuticle stick, file or what suits you best from your nail kit. Shape the tip of the nail with the file, but – CAREFUL! – do it only moving downward, so you don´t dislocate the strip.

When you´re ready with every nail, I would  advice you to put top coat just in case, to seal it better.

different patterns

I know it may sound difficult, but it´s actually easier, quicker and less messy than normal polish. Thank you and see ya soon!

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