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It’s me again! Today I am going to show you a quick and easy way to make your nails looking professional and stylish. You just need your 3 favourite colours and an accent – gold, silver or black glitter for example – and you´re good to go! I personally chose the 3 random colours I just bought from Kiko Milano.

Here are the steps with explanations and tips:


  1. You put the glitter polish first because it takes more time to dry. I would strongly advise (if not demand) that you choose the fourth finger for the accent.



2. Apply the 3 colours that you chose on the whole nails of the remaining fingers in the order you want.


quick and stylish nails


3. Almost done! Now using the same colours you paint the nails but from the center to the tip. Be careful not to make repeating combinations.



4. As always, I advice you to put top coat to even the edges, make the manicure stronger and long-lasting and make it shinier. Enjoy!


quick and stylish nails


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