How to make the perfect flower nails. The tutorial

flower nails tutorial

You like flower patterns? This is just for you


flower nails tutorial
Kiko Milano polish

First, you always have to prepare everything you will need or you can damage your polish in the process. Clean your nails and file them. You will need:

  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • 2 shades of pink/red nail polish (depending on your taste)
  • green nail polish
  • brushes

1. Putting the base color

flower nails tutorial

You have to paint in white every nails except the index finger. As you can see in the photo, there you’ll put the dark shade of pink/red. I always put two layers (at least! – with the white polish maybe more), this way the color is more solid.

2. Strips

flower nails tutorial

Using the brush and the black nail polish you have to make lines on your thumb and little finger. It is easier than it looks if you use brushes made especially for nail designs. They are very long and slim, so you just have to put the tip of the brush at the base of your nail and slide til the end.


3. Polka dots

flower nails tutorial

Using the same brush or if you have any other tool – make the dots on the remaining two white nails. Some people use bobby pins to make dots and it’s pretty nifty, but I am used to my brushes and I use them for every design.

Little tip: in order for the dots to look great, try making them in line – first two (starting from the base), then three located above the white spaces between dots, and then just keep going! It looks better than just paint them chaotically.













4. Flower’s light shade

flower nails tutorial

On the two polka dots nails you have to make three shapes with the lighter shade of pink/red. Don’t worry if it looks messy, I have a plan! Make them in the white space like messy dots or mini splashes.


5. Flower’s dark side

flower nails tutorial Now is the moment when you give shape to your flower! Depending on the shape you created, make two lines on two sides of it. One of the lines can be thicker than other for example or starting from the middle of the light pink dot…  There is no rule here, actually. Get creative!















6. The ultimate green touch

The last step is to put leaves to your flowers. With the green nail polish make two not so straight lines on every flower, making them thicker in the beginning, ending or in the middle, depending on the space you have or your taste.

Note: For final touch, and especially when making a design involving so many colours and layers, always put top coat. But don’t forget to wait and not precipitate yourself! These types of designs are harder to dry and take more time so don’t be impatient!


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