HOW TO pack your things for a short time and still manage to be different. PART THREE!

how to pack less

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Part three of the series about how to pack less and still be a fashionista!

It’s been a long time now! Seems like winter is slowly going away so it’s the perfect time to finish the three-day-plan. Let me remind you what these post are about – I wanted to show you how you can make completely different outfits just by using some basic but interesting components. For example – I have chosen a pair of converse and a colourful clutch that can be combined with several things.


Soon I’m going to provide all my subscribers with my first ebook that will be related to these posts – How to pack up less but still be stylish and different! (Title in progress haha!)

For more read DAY ONE and DAY TWO here!


Pantalon – Stradivarius

Top – Zara (green with lace)/ Lefties (turquoise)

Shoes – Converse

Jacket – Stradivarius

Clutch – Zara

Sunglasses – Versus


Serious background in language studies, translator and professor. Also a designer and stylist by heart! Trying to help people express themselves better and not caring what others might think. Personal coach that will help you find your style and be your own star!

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