Hanna and Caleb… Caleb and Hanna – Which Pretty Little Liars couple is your favourite?

Ah, the couples from Pretty Little Liars…

How do you even come back from that?!


It’s really interesting how you don’t notice someone or some relationship when you watch a TV show. You have your favourite couple or person and you are fixated on them but when you watch the show again, when you know every detail of their future and their lives, you start to notice other things. For me it is very interesting how now I am more emotional about Caleb and Hanna than the other PLL couples. My whole life (or the part since I know about the show) I was wondering and choosing between Ezria and Spoby but now…
I’m not saying that Haleb is a more interesting relationship but the fact is that it is the only one that was capable of making me cry. Even Toby’s alleged death didn’t frustrate me that much.


Caleb and Hanna... favourite couple


Okay, here I lied… I cried my eyes out the first time I watched THAT episode but maybe it’s more because of the shock. Maybe it’s because I already have lived the scenes about Ezria and Spoby, definitely more dramatic than the other ones, maybe that’s why I couldn´t get that emotional. But when I come to think of it, I have watched Titanic and The Notebook like 100 times and every F time I cry, so I don’t know what is the reason. But the fact is that Hanna and Caleb have the most (fictional, of course) realistic and touching story in that TV show.


They are not dramatic, they are simple. Because love is simple and consuming…

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