Everyone comes with a baggage… not exactly

Let me tell you the story about my baggage…

Hi, everyone! After the long-expected winter holidays everyone goes home, back to the routine with full bellies and lots of gifts. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about myself. Well, the full belly can’t be avoided but the presents… lets just say they went on a holiday on their own and took everything I had with them! In other words, they lost my luggage.


lost baggage


Yes, it´s awful.

You sit on the platform and you wait, and you wait. And than you´re alone without your stuff. But you just can´t believe it, so you wait another minutes but it never shows up. Than you go frustrated to the “Lost Luggage” desk and you fill the application carefully still waiting for your suitcase to turn up magically from somewhere. Most people have the luck to receive their things while still in the airport, some receive information on the whereabouts of the lost suitcases and when it will be sent back to them but others (like me, of course) never see them again. Sh*t happens.


And it hurts, you know?

Yeah, it´s materialism and there are more important stuff. I agree. But people grow to love and care about their things and not only people like me that live for fashion and style, that this is their profession and work and who they are and how they express themselves. Because in the end you lose something that was yours. And in the end my first thought wasn´t about my new shoes or skirt, or all my jewelry that wasn´t that expensive but it was carefully selected throughout the years and it was only mine.

My first thought was that all the gifts for my boyfriend were there, that I was waiting impatiently to go back home and surprise him and now… I can´t. That my mother gave me for Christmas this necklace that I never get to wear. You see, in the end it´s not about the material part of the things, it´s about the memory you had with them or you were planning on having.


But you can’t do much now, can you?

I spent 2 weeks calling every single day the airport in Malaga, the airport in Sofia, the airline  that’s responsible, but my suitcase is nowhere to be found. So I gave up. I got tired of walking in the shopping center and seeing my clothes – the big dilemma – to buy them again? But what if my luggage comes up? But what if it doesn’t and all of the stuff is sold out already? So, after 2 weeks I decided it’s time to go shopping! Thank God, January in Spain is famous with its sales. So with the help of the power of the universe and the people who lost my luggage, my closet got its New Year’s resolution and change!


To see all the things I bought from this year’s winter sales check out my new post Up to 70%?? SAAALES!

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