How to choose the right suitcase for our trip


Before fastening the belts and experience new adventures, let’s pack the suitcases together


We all love traveling – escape from reality and daily life for a few days, visit a new, magical and beautiful place that will bring us energy and new ideas. That’s why we often spend a lot of time choosing the next destination, the place where we will stay and what we are going to take with us.

A very important part of our trips, without even realizing it, is the suitcase. Often, we take the decision where to go so fast and it’s necessary to take the first low-cost flight. Low cost carriers have thousands of conditions and requirements regarding the bag or suitcase that we can travel with. Below, I share with you what are the requirements that we must meet to fly with the best companies in Europe for 2016.


On board, without having to pay extra, you can take with:

Norwegian:             1 suitcase with dimensions:      55 х 40 х 23 см and

1 bag:                                             25 х 33 х 20 см

EasyJet:                    1 suitcase with dimensions:     56 х 46 х 20 см

Ryanair:                  1 suitcase with dimensions:     55 х 40 х 20см and

1 bag:                                            35 х 20 х 20 см

Vueling:                  1 suitcase with dimensions:     55 х 40 х 20 см and

1 bag:                                            35 х 20 х 20 см

WizzAir:                1 backpack with dimensions:   42 х 32 х 25 см


After paying 40 euros for a bigger suitcase than allowed, I understood how important it is to have a suitcase that is the perfect size, durable, comfortable, with a nice design (of course) and a color that goes with everything. It is recommended for the suitcase to be different from the others, that is to say,  that’s not black, for example, since a large percentage of people can mistake it for their own 😊.

Well, here I give you my choice:


To be continued…


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