How being diagnosed with an incurable disease made me see the world with other eyes

Battle against the disease

Welcome to my world. In defense of a body that wants to kill me, everything has a solution!

My name is Renata Rangel, I´m 19 years old and I love fashion. I like living new experiences, I am a model and I study Finances. Let me tell you my story.

Sometimes life decides to put your world upside down and this time it did it to mine. Suddenly my health started getting worse and I received the bad news from the doctor, my body was shutting down. I was diagnosed with cardiac aneurysm and dysautonomia on a high level. Now I had to accept it and face the situation in the best way possible. I live in a new reality, everything depends on what I am physically capable of achieving. What was easy before now takes a lot of effort from my part.

Although it is difficult to know that there is no cure, there are lots of possibilities that will help to improve my life bit by bit. You learn to look at life with different eyes that the others, you find beauty where you thought there couldn’t be and you start valuing and showing gratitude for all the tiny details that happen every day. Despite everything that has happened you manage to understand that you’re not a diagnosis, you’re still yourself and even though you struggle every day with your own body, that doesn’t mean that you’ll give up on your dreams.

If you know somebody that has a chronic disease…

Support him and help him when he needs it even if he hasn’t asked for it. Maybe he seems fine on the outside, but inside his body there is always a battle. Don’t underestimate the effort that he’s doing to look OK by your side, the pain never goes away, it’s a battle you’ll never understand. We will appreciate it more than you think and we’ll always remember what you did for us.


battle against the disease
Renata Rangel and her sister


If you are lucky enough to enjoy your good health…

I invite you to value the little details of life. Be grateful for everything that you have around you. Nobody has a guaranteed tomorrow. Try to enjoy to the maximum every moment. The world offers thousands of wonderful things every day. It doesn’t matter what problems do you have, life will never throw at you something you can’t bear. If you’re blessed to have a second chance of life, try to enjoy it to the maximum and value the people who have been beside you. Remember that sometimes it’s OK to be against everybody and show them that if you want – you can.

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