About… me!

Somehow I’ve always known that I was going to end up having something to do with fashion. One way or another. And here I am, 22 years old when I started the blog – I finally plucked up courage to make my wishes public.

Everything started in fifth grade (or even earlier I suppose) when I signed up for a fashion design course. You can imagine the 10-year-old girl dreaming and imagining her whole life – it’s easy at that age, right? Well, then you grow up and you face reality. But if you really want something, like really REALLY want it, you will find a way to achieve it.

Professionally, I am a pretty multitasking person with multiple interests and you can see that from my Curriculum here: Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Philology, Master’s degree in English Studies and Multilingual and Intercultural communication. And while I’m doing all of that I have studied Fashion Design in two Universities, in my hometown and in Spain, and I’ve made a Specialization course in Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies. Interesting, right?

I was a very shy girl from Bulgaria and I’ve always felt like something is missing, just couldn’t find the right place for me. You know, Bulgaria is a little country with a lot of culture and it can be really judgy. Now I live in Malaga, Spain, and the only thing I’m going to say is that you have to pack your bags RIGHT NOW and come and check this paradise! Don’t get me wrong, Bulgaria is incredible and you’d need at least a year to go through all her beauty. I just needed a change of scenery. My story? I am totally transparent to my followers and clients, so if you want to know something about me that I haven’t already made clear here, feel free to hop into my Facebook profile! Or you could always write me an email  (blog_thefword@yahoo.com) and I will tell you all about me.

I am a person that believes maybe too much in faith and that there is a reason for every person to exist, a predestination, something that they have to do in this world. That’s how I know that I’m here to help you, guys. I believe even in the cliché: ”Every cloud has a silver lining!”. And now that I can go back and see from ”above”all the choices I’ve made and everything that happened to me, I can easily say that even the most insignificant decisions led me here. And what’s most important is that ”here” is my goal!

So, what am I? I’m your Personal coach. Your fashion guru that will help you find your style and become a star that doesn’t give a sh*t about what others might think!

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